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The ULTRA List: A Discussion Forum for Ultramarathoning Enthusiasts

The ULTRA List is a LISTSERV-based discussion forum dedicated to the sport of ultramarathoning. Ultramarathons are running events that go beyond the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles. These races offer participants a unique challenge, with common distances including 50 kilometers (50K), 50 miles, 100 kilometers (100K), and 100 miles. Additionally, there are time-based races like 6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour, 48-hour, or even 72-hour events where runners aim to cover as much distance as possible within the allotted time.

As a platform for ultramarathon enthusiasts, the ULTRA List fosters discussions on a wide range of topics related to the sport. Members can share their race reports, providing insights and experiences from their own ultramarathons. The forum also covers essential aspects such as nutrition, injury prevention, and injury treatment, offering valuable advice to runners looking to maintain their physical well-being.

Another popular topic on the ULTRA List is running gear, including running shoes. Participants can engage in conversations about the best footwear options for ultramarathons, sharing their personal preferences and recommendations. Race strategy discussions are also common, where members exchange tips and tactics to optimize performance during these challenging events.

Training is a crucial aspect of ultramarathoning, and the ULTRA List provides a platform for runners to discuss different training methods, share training plans, and seek guidance from experienced ultramarathoners. Post-race recovery is equally important, and the forum offers insights into effective recovery strategies that aid in the physical and mental recuperation after completing an ultramarathon.

Whether you’re a seasoned ultramarathoner or someone interested in learning more about the sport, the ULTRA List is a valuable resource for information, support, and camaraderie. Join the discussion and connect with fellow enthusiasts to enhance your ultramarathoning journey.

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